Introduction: My name is Kabir Suda alias MR-SINISTER, mrsinister1501 or mrsinister15 and welcome to my third blog. This is about different types of dorking in bug bounties to get more information about your targets, find leaked information and basically just more Recon. This write-up will shed light mainly to Shodan Dorking.

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Hey everyone, welcome to my second write-up.
If you didn’t read my first, you can find it
This write-up is going to be about an Interesting bug, which I found a month ago. Hope you learn something from this write-up and have fun :)

#Let’s start!

As soon as I got invited to a HUGE private program on HackerOne, I decided that this is the one, and planned to stick with it for quite a while.

I started my automation and meanwhile did some Shodan Dorking on the company to find some interesting targets to start with.

I used…

My Bug Bounty Hunting Journey, Methodology and Tips XD

# Introduction

Hey guys and welcome to my very first blog on bug hunting!
I hope that this blog helps gets you started in bug hunting, I'm writing this blog so that it motivates other fellow hackers ;)
Also please share my blog with as many groups and people as you can. (so that it benefits other people too)

I hope this write-up teaches you something.
I was able to start off smoothly in bug hunting because I am generally interested in it, I used to read EBooks, blogs and watch videos…


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